My name is Cait.


You've got the amazing talent to do your craft, clients who adore you, and the drive to make it big. The only thing missing is a set of systems and tools to help you grow it even bigger, while also enjoying some well-earned time off.
Let me help you craft your luxury client experience while you run a top-notch, client-centric, purposeful business.



Available Resources

The Dub Club

Watch me work with clients in REAL life!

Dubsado Strategist School

Start offering Dubsado Setups today like you've been doing it for years!

Tech Stack Consulting Kit

Forms, workflows, and emails for offering Tech Stack Consulting.

Dubsado Strategist Bundle

Get EVERYTHING you need to offer Dubsado Setups.

HoneyBook Strategist Bundle

Get EVERYTHING you need to offer HoneyBook Setups.

Create a Done-With-You Dubsado Setup Offer

Ready to level up your business game without sacrificing all the fun stuff in life? The Done-With-You Kit is here to rock your world and show you how to make cash flow like a boss while still having time to do your happy dance!

What's the Deal with the Done-With-You Kit?

You know what they say - work smarter, not harder! And that's exactly what the Done-With-You Kit is all about. It's your secret sauce to cook up a mind-blowing semi-passive Done-With-You offer that's gonna make your clients' jaws drop! Imagine this - you get to shower your clients with personalized plans and workflows, while using standard templates and course material to do most of the heavy lifting of educating them!


Serve more clients

Make more cash

In less time than ever before


  • Course on creating & pricing your DWY offer to be profitable
  • Complete Content Kit that houses a complete framework for creating your own DWY Dubsado Course: complete with information on 34 lessons to create for your clients. Some information will be literally copy & paste, while other information guides you on creating your own videos and tutorials for them. Each of the 34 lessons contains 3 sections: Content, Homework, and Templates
  • Templates templates templates! I give you as many templates as I can to help you run the backend of your own process! Templates included:
    • Literal step-by-step course template for you to create your own client course, with modules & lessons outlined and detailed for you
    • Client Onboarding Questionnaire (one-click-copy Dubsado form)
    • Client Resource Links Questionnaire (one-click-copy Dubsado form)
    • Multiple workflow templates for managing your own process
    • 15 Email templates for you to use and customize in your own DWY client journey
    • Project management board template
    • Zap outlines


  • You will receive access to a course in your product portal
  • You will receive an Airtable base full of content to be used in the creation of your course. Free Airtable will suffice!
  • You will receive some templates in Google Sheets


Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other Dubsado pros and you may not resell it. Due to the nature of digital products, there are NO REFUNDS.

Dubsado Pro Setup Project Tracker

A ClickUp task board with ALL of the Dubsado Setup answers.

System Strategist Contract Kit

This Contract Kit™ is designed to protect System Strategists. 

Dubsado Setup Pricing Kit

How to price yourself and generate custom quotes.

Dubsado Workflow Builder 2.0

A magical spreadsheet that makes workflow mapping EASY.


Supercharge your Workflow Builder with BuddyBuilder, an Airtable base that instantly transforms your spreadsheet steps into a stunning PDF, showcasing exactly what those steps look like INSIDE Dubsado.

Airtable Dashboard: Dubsado Setup Business

A beautiful automated dashboard for System Strategists.

Dubsado Pro Onboarding Kit

Stage 1 Dubsado Setup form, workflows, & emails.

Dubsado Pro Offboarding Kit

Stage 3 Dubsado Setup offboarding guide, workflows, & emails. 

"Bad Guy" Email Pack

25 email templates to help you handle sticky situations!

Dubsado Account Audit Template & Kit

88 things you should audit & report in a Dubsado account.

Strategy Session Kit

Forms, workflows, and emails for offering Strategy Sessions.

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