Dubsado Strategist Bundle


  • SIGNATURE Click Up Board: To help you organize and operationalize your workload, I’m sharing it ALL! This ClickUp task board shows you everything that I do in a setup AND in what order to maximize value while decreasing time spent per client. This is the LIFE BLOOD of my business. This ClickUp board has taken me YEARS to hone, craft, and PERFECT through countless Dubsado clients. Through it all, this project tracking board ensures an equal level of luxury service for EVERY client, in the most time-saving order, and keeps you on track for FAST setup completion.
  • Dubsado Pro Contract Kit TM: Do you trust your current contract to protect you on your Dubsado Setup projects? It’s time to up-level your Dubsado Setup client agreements to ensure that both you and your clients are fully protected.
  • SIGNATURE Dubsado Workflow Builder: This Dubsado Workflow Builder will ensure you identify & gather all the content needed for a Dubsado Setup, saving you HOURS on EVERY client! This spreadsheet makes it a no brainer and does it ALL FOR YOU!
  • Dubsado Setup Pricing Kit: This calculator will help you determine the value of the luxury Dubsado setup service AND will help you stay consistent about your pricing by showing you the value of your time!
  • Bad Guy Email Pack: 25+ canned email templates that will help you navigate sticky situations with clients like a seasoned pro.
  • Onboarding Kit: Get the questionnaire & emails I use to onboard my clients- collecting all vital information needed prior to their onboarding meeting. Save time, energy, and soooo many emails back & forth.
  • Implementation Kit: After your onboarding meeting, you’ll probably need to collect more information specific to each client. Find out what key information I collect at this stage and how I communicate about it with the client!
  • Offboarding Kit: Set your clients up for success after their setup with an Offboarding Kit that tells them exactly what to do next. Comes with some suggested topics & is ready for your customization!



  • You will be given access to all products individually in your personal product account. Your account information will be emailed to you after purchase.
  • NOTE: The Bundle includes *ONLY* the products listed here. This does NOT mean that you will get access to all future products!


Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other Dubsado pros and you may not resell it. Due to the nature of digital products, there are NO REFUNDS.

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