Strategy Session Kit

A Strategy Session is a meeting with the client where you go over the steps of their process and map it into the Dubsado universe. The service provider does not actually enter or touch the client's Dubsado account during this, just simply translates their real-world desires into Dubsado's functionality, discussing with them workarounds and pros and cons of each. At the end of a Strategy Session, the service provider has/provides a map of everything that needs to be done in the client's setup. From here, this can either lead to the client contracting the service provider to do the rest of the build, or they can take it as their own to-do list of content they need to create.

Strategy Sessions are a great way to easily convert leads to paying clients, and to warm them up to encourage them to purchase a full DFY service from you. Strategy Sessions should be easy bookings that don’t take a ton of your time, but still show off the amazing client experience that you offer should they decide to work with you on a full project. That’s why I took the guesswork out of creating this process by writing up these client-wowing emails that correspond perfectly to the provided workflow.


  • An email series designed to walk your client through the process step-by-step in a clear, digestible manner so that they are 100% on the same page with you and have clear expectations
  • Cait’s exact Strategy Session workflow so that you can get a peek behind the curtain at the process that builds a 5-star client experience!
  • Strategy Session Onboarding Questionnaire which helps you collect only exactly what you need to know in advance of a Strategy Session to ensure that you're not spending too much time on client's who have only paid to work with you for a certain amount of time, while also making sure you are prepared to WOW them on your call with them.
  • Strategy Session Implementation Guide, which is designed to go above and beyond to help your clients' implement the tools you've given them. It resembles the Next Steps Guide from the Offboarding Kit designed for Done-For-You services, but adds in key steps that a DFY client would not need to do. Providing your Strategy Session clients with guidance like this will save you time on your actual calls AND will show them that they can expect AMAZING work and results from you if they choose to invest in a DFY Setup with you.


This will help you launch or up-level your Strategy Session experience in minutes instead of weeks! You'll be on your way to making quick cash and WOWing your clients, helping convert them to high paying DFY clients!


  • A one-click copy Google Doc with email series that you can copy to your account to personalize before pasting into Dubsado
  • A one-click copy Google Spreadsheet detailing my exact workflow
  • A one-click copy Dubsado Questionnaire: Strategy Session Onboarding Questionnaire
  • A one-click copy Dubsado Questionnaire: Strategy Session Implementation Guide

You will have access to all updates at the live link and may receive email notifications about these updates periodically.

YOU ARE PURCHASING CONTENT ONLY FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. You WILL be able to one-click copy the forms into your account without ANY design elements. The ONLY content that will copy is actual form content, NO design!

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