System Strategist Contract Kit

Dubsado Pro Contract Kit: In Collaboration with Spear IP

Take a moment to be honest with yourself: do you trust your current contract to protect you on your Dubsado Setup projects? How often have you found yourself wishing you had more protections or recourse when working with a difficult client or encountering sticky situations? It's time to up-level your Dubsado Setup client agreements to ensure that both you and your clients are fully protected with this Dubsado Pro Contract Kit™.

Made in collaboration with Spear IP, this Contract Kit™ is designed to protect you in all the unique ways needed for the work that we do. It was specifically formulated for Dubsado Pros who get access to their clients' accounts for them, create assets for them, and ultimately create automation for them using Dubsado. PLUS, this thing is NOT just a template. Templates provide you with some language and send you on your way. This Contract Kit™ from Spear IP and Cait Potter provides you with different options on certain clauses to fit your business and ensures that you understand the contents of your contract (because if you don't understand this last bit, then there's no point in having one!).

Don't spend another day unprotected.

This Dubsado Pro Contract Kit includes:

  • An example Scope of Services for traditional Dubsado Setup arrangements AND VIP Days
  • Clear guidelines and expectations for clients: you are not responsible when your client is slow to respond and you may assess fees when they don't respond within the timeline given!
  • Artistic Style protections: don't spend eons revising forms and emails
  • Harassment protection: terminate agreements when clients are rude or threatening
  • Confidentiality: make your clients feel secure and protected in their work with you
  • Work ownership: do you own the forms and emails you create for your clients or do they? Get clear on that here.
  • And so much more!

You'll leave with:

Confidence and clarity that both you and your client are well protected as you embark on a Dubsado Setup project together.


  • A 10 page customizable word document containing your Dubsado Pro Services Agreement language, already packed with Dubsado smart fields!
  • A follow-along PDF manual that tells you what information you need to specify and which clauses you need to consider
  • A companion video from attorney Maria Spear Ollis explaining your contract and how it protects you in detail!


I’ve collaborated with a great attorney to bring you this exclusive product, but please know that I am not a licensed attorney. This product is purely an educational resource intended for U.S.-based businesses, and nothing within it should be taken as legal advice. Any and all questions or concerns you have regarding this product, your legal rights, or any ramifications that might stem from using this product should be directed to a licensed attorney of your choosing.

Terms and Conditions

Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other Dubsado pros and you may not resell it. 

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System Strategist Contract Kit

Made in collaboration with Spear IP, this Contract Kit™ is designed to protect System Strategists in all the unique ways needed for the work that we do. 

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