"Bad Guy" Email Pack

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we have to be the “bad guy” with our clients. My Onboarding, Implementation, and Offboarding Kits provide you with workflow canned emails that you can use to educate your client on the process and keep things moving through as smoothly as possible, but sometimes, clients just DON’T listen, and you’re left trying to work through sticky situations on your own.

Especially since these conversations can be emotionally charged, having an arsenal of “bad guy” email templates in your backpocket will help you maintain your composure, keep clear boundaries with your clients, AND give you the best chance at coming out of the scenario with a positive relationship with your clients.  

At the end of the day, remember that YOU are ultimately in control of what you include and do on every single aspect of these setups. YOU are in control of how you respond to every single, and you NEVER HAVE TO SAY YES if it’s not something that you said you’d do in your contract. 

When approaching sticky situations with my clients, I always trying to figure out what I *can* say “yes” to. So even if I can’t say yes to their specific request, maybe I can say “yes” if they pay an additional fee. Or maybe I’m not willing to do x, but I’m willing to do y. It’s all about figuring out what you ARE willing to do, that also helps your client. 

I’ll get off my soapbox now, but these emails are curated to help you think through what you can say yes to in sticky situations, and they also help you when you can’t say “yes” at all, and you need to give a calm, professional, respectful NO! You can make it through this and anything else that comes your way!

This email pack includes:

  • Lead
    • Not a Good Fit
    • Discovery Call Missed
    • Discovery Call Rescheduled Too Many Times
    • Asking for a Discount / “Partial Setup”
    • Asking You to Justify Price
    • ⚙️ Retainer is Late- ADD TO PAYMENT PLAN AUTOMATIONS
    • Asking You to Start Before Your Provided Availability
  • Onboarding
    • Onboarding Questionnaire is Late – Reschedule Process Mapping
    • Process Mapping Session Missed
  • Implementation
    • Implementation Questionnaire Late – Moving forward with Placeholder Information
    • ⚙️ Implementation Questionnaire is Late – Project Paused – ADD TO WORKFLOW
    • Requesting Major Changes / Additions / Changing Their Mind After Mapping Session Completed
    • Doesn’t Like Form Design – General – Request More Info
    • Doesn’t Like Form Design – Designs Updated
    • Tell Client to Stop Editing Things in Dubsado Before Setup Complete
  • Offboarding / Follow Up Support
    • ⚙️ Final Payment is Late – ADD TO PAYMENT PLAN
    • Final Payment is Late – Offboarding Scheduled
    • Offboarding Missed / Rescheduled Too Many Times
    • Client Needs to Make Those Changes Themselves
    • Wants Extra Support Calls
    • Didn’t Take Advantage of Support Offered & Wants More
  • Any Time
    • Client Wants Something Dubsado just DOESN’T Do
    • That’s Not Included
    • Client is Asking Too Many Questions About Form Content
    • Client Isn’t Responding – Is everything okay?
    • Project is Inactive
    • Project is Abandoned
    • Firing a Client

You'll leave with:

25+ canned email templates that will help you navigate sticky situations with clients like a seasoned pro.


You will receive the link to a Google Doc that you can copy to your account and personalize before pasting into Dubsado!

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