Tech Stack Consulting Kit

So, another lead has come to you with absolutely no idea what system they should be using in their business (or thinking they want Dubsado or some other system that is so NOT a good fit for them!). You could spend weeks researching and providing them with disorganized results, OR you could use this framework to deliver high-value results that your client can actually use and that will help you sell bigger projects.

Every client who comes to you for Tech Stack COnsulting should receive the SAME experience, the same level of quality, the same deliverable that helps them identify how to move forward. And every client should feel clear on what they would gain by working with you on tech implementation, rather than trying to continue DIYing it.

The Tech Stack Consulting Kit helps you accomplish both of these goals: giving your clients a thorough review their best system options with insights on how to move forward while also helping you sell your biggest and best offer!


  • The ultimate Tech Stack Consulting framework. This isn't just about providing you with a beautiful and easy to use template (although it's that too!), but it tells you exactly how to break down the prcess of doing system research for clients into digestible and accomplishable projects without feeling overwhelming.
  • A beautiful, customizable Needs Audit & System Landscape Analysis Template that provides a clear structure for how you determined what your client needs and which systems are the best fit for them- PLUS it shows them why they need you for more help!
  • Cait’s exact Tech Stack Consulting workflows (3 of them!) so that you can get a peek behind the curtain at the process that builds a 5-star client experience!
  • Tech Stack Dubsado Proposal to help you sell the package and get that initial YES from your client!
  • Tech Stack Consulting Onboarding Dubsado Questionnaire to help you get started on the project
  • Tech Stack Deliverables & Implementation Quote Dubsado Proposal to help you efficiently deliver your work and upsell to a larger project!
  • A series of 16 emails designed to walk your client through the process step-by-step in a clear, digestible manner so that they are 100% on the same page with you and have clear expectations.

You'll leave with:

A template that you can customize once and then use for EVERY client who ever books Tech Stack Consulting with you moving forward! Saving you hours and ensuring consistent quality delivery.


  • A Google Spreadsheet with all 16 emails, 3 form templates, and 3 workflows for you to copy & paste into Dubsado
  • A Google spreadsheet Tech Stack Consulting template that you will be able to copy into your account and duplicate for each of your clients as an ACTUAL deliverable.
  • Tutorial video explaining how to use and customize the Tech Stack Consulting Template!

Terms & Conditions

Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other System Strategists and you may not resell it. Due to the nature of digital products, there are NO REFUNDS.

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