You don't have to do it alone.



You've got the amazing talent to do your craft, clients who adore you, and the drive to make it big. The only thing missing is a set of systems and tools to help you grow it even bigger, while also enjoying some well-earned time off.

Let me help you craft your luxury client experience while you run a top-notch, client-centric, purposeful business.


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Ever wonder how I keep it all together? Well I'm revealing EVERYTHING here FOR FREE! 

Done-For-You Dubsado Setup

The Done-For-You Dubsado Setup experience is designed for those who want to hand the reigns over to an expert to design their perfect system setup. From start to finish, I will design every form, write every email, set up every package, scheduler, payment schedule, and more so that all you have to do is focus on what you LOVE.

Done-With-You Guided Dubsado Setup

This is a full guided Dubsado Setup program. We start with a 90 minute 1:1 Process Mapping Session so that we can customize YOUR workflows. Then, we spend 4 more weeks together working through alllllllll the steps of a Dubsado setup. You leave the program with a complete account, genius workflows, and a whole lot of relief. 

Do-It-Yourself Strategy Session & Dubsado Map

The 1:1 Strategy Session is designed for creatives who want guidance and direction on the back end of their business, and then to take it and implement it themselves. From identifying useful tools, to creating automations, to troubleshooting issues in your workflow, I am here to help!

The Dub Club

Join me while I share with you hours and hours of content from my REAL LIFE setups with clients. Learn from my mistakes, witness my breakthrough moments, and start creating real change in your business TODAY.

Dubsado Strategist Bundle

START HERE when you purchase the Ultimate Dubsado Pro Bundle for help on implementing all of your new shiny tools!

Dubsado Pro Setup Project Tracker

To help you organize and operationalize your workload, I’m sharing it ALL! This ClickUp task board shows you everything that I do in a setup AND in what order to maximize value while decreasing time spent per client.

System Strategist Contract Kit

Made in collaboration with Spear IP, this Contract Kit™ is designed to protect System Strategists in all the unique ways needed for the work that we do. 

Dubsado Setup Pricing Kit

This calculator will help you determine the value of the luxury Dubsado setup service AND will help you stay consistent about your pricing by showing you the value of your time!

Dubsado Workflow Builder 2.0

This Dubsado Workflow Builder will ensure you gather all the content needed for a Dubsado Setup, saving you HOURS on EVERY workflow!

Dubsado Account Audit Template & Kit

This template gives you the exact list of 88 things you should look for in an account and a solid way to rate those items, PLUS it all autogenerates into a beautiful report you can give your client. 

Commercial License: Canned Email Starter Pack

The Starter Canned Email Pack bundle includes over 20 email templates for everything from initial inquiry response to gallery delivery to a final thank you to your clients. 

Dubsado Pro Onboarding Kit

This is the exact questionnaire I use to onboard my clients- collecting all vital information needed prior to their onboarding meeting. Save time, energy, and soooo many emails back & forth.

Dubsado Pro Autogenerating Implementation Kit

After your onboarding meeting, you’ll probably need to collect more information specific to each client. Find out what key information I collect at this stage!

Dubsado Pro Offboarding Kit

Set your clients up for success after their setup with the Dubsado Setup Offboarding Kit, which tells them exactly what to do next. Comes with some suggested topics & is ready for your customization!

"Bad Guy" Email Pack

The "Bad Guy" Email Pack includes over 25 email templates to help you handle any sticky situation that comes your way!

Strategy Session Kit

Strategy Sessions are a great way to easily convert leads to paying clients, and to warm them up to encourage them to purchase a full DFY service from you.

Commercial License: Mini Session Kit

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I set up mini sessions, and implement this same system for your clients!

Commercial License: Wedding Photographer Workflow Kit

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I set up Wedding Photographers, and implement this same system for your clients!

Airtable Dashboard: Dubsado Setup Business

Understanding key statistics in your business is the secret sauce that will help you figure out where (1) you need to improve your process and (2) where you are excelling beyond belief so you can use that to generate more leads and sales. 

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