Dubsado Pro Setup Project Tracker

This is the LIFE BLOOD of my business.

This ClickUp board has taken me YEARS to hone, craft, and PERFECT through countless Dubsado clients. Through it all, this project tracking board ensures an equal level of luxury service for EVERY client, in the most time-saving order, and keeps you on track for FAST setup completion. 

This tracker is packed with:

  • A ClickUp board template you can copy to your own account and customize as you need
  • Over FORTY steps (plus subtasks!) that I complete for EVERY SINGLE setup, from Discovery Call to end of Follow Up Support
  • All steps are perfectly sequenced to ensure a timely and efficient setup
  • Time estimates are included to show you approximately how long to budget for each task
  • Tags tell you which signature Cait Potter form provides the information you need to accomplish each task listed in the board
  • Tasks that can be easily outsourced to an assistant are marked
  • Packed with TONS of extra time-saving tips, tricks, and hacks
  • And so much more!

You'll leave with:

The literal key to implementing your dream luxury business setup service for your clients; bringing value to your package and taking hours off your setup time.


You will receive a link to copy my ClickUp Board template to your own account.

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