Airtable Dashboard: Dubsado Setup Business

Understanding key statistics in your business is the secret sauce that will help you figure out where (1) you need to improve your process and (2) where you are excelling beyond belief so you can use that to generate more leads and sales. I created this Airtable dashboard for MY OWN business. It's how I can say impressive stats like "I've implemented over 250 workflows!" to my leads and clients. And if you're in the Dubsado Setup business, you know how critical it is that as much of this data as possible is captured automatically. The moment that we have too much manual work to do, is the moment we're not using our tools correctly (or at all).

So here's what I've created:

An Airtable base with fields to collect alllllll of the key data needed in order to understand the health of the operations of your business. Then I created a series of Zaps that fill in as much of that data as possible. THEN I made a beautiful interface that makes it easy to fill in the very few manual statistics you'll need to enter (there are about 8 easy stats per project). And then I turned it all into a dashboard that is extrapolating key information and giving you insight into how things are going.

What you get:

  • 2 beautiful dashboards filled with charts and graphs providing analysis over more than 30 key data points that contribute to the overall health of your Dubsado Setup business. Statistic categories focus on:
    • Overall Setup accomplishments & income
    • Lead Analysis
    • Income Analysis
    • Done-For-You Project Analysis
    • A La Carte Offering Analysis
  • An Airtable base (that supplies the data to the dashboards) that is set up for easy management of business statistics
  • 4 Zaps to automate the data input into the Airtable base as much as possible, leaving you with less than 8 statistics that you have to hand-enter per project
  • BONUS: The structure to create your own Client Feedback survey and build in analysis for responses! It's the perfect opportunity to learn both Airtable and Airtable Interfaces, allowing you to have more control over your data

You'll leave with: 

A better understanding of the health of your business inside of a flexible system that can adapt and change as your business does (an oo-la-la CEO feeling!!)


You will receive:

  • 1 Airtable Base
  • 1 Airtable Interface with 2 Dashboards
  • Written & video tutorials on setting up and maintaining your base


  • You MUST have an Airtable account in order to use this product. It does NOT translate to any other system.
  • You CAN use this product on a FREE Airtable account, though you will have the opportunity to add features with a paid account. You do not lose any functionality from the product itself if you use a free account.
  • Airtable has very limited mobile compatibility. You should plan to do most of your Airtable management (including Dashboard viewing) from your computer.
  • The time tracking element of this product is intended to be used with CLICKUP time tracking. The corresponding Zap is also intended to be used with ClickUp. If you use a different system, you will have to adapt the Time Tracking tab and the Zap to suit your needs. No support will be offered for this.

Terms & Conditions

Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other Dubsado pros and you may not resell it. You MAY use it with your own clients for whom you are doing a Dubsado Setup. Due to the nature of digital products, there are NO REFUNDS.

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